Sissinghurst Castle Garden, defined as “a refuge dedicated to beauty” by National Trust, attracts more and more visitors each year but its historic size does not allow the simultaneous presence of such a number of people; moreover, visitors enjoy to use lawns and the meadow of the orchard to rest and eat creating inconvenient of too much traffic foot and overcrowding. In my design I suggest to allow people exploring new areas adjacent to the main garden offering something compelling and interesting that will inspire them and allow the proper amount of people to enjoy the garden.

In detail I propose:
1. to restore the old entrance walk formed by a double row of poplars: In my planting design I reduce gradually the distance between poplars to create the illusion the castle is farther away and to increase the sense of expectation of visitors. 2. to reintroduce cows in the plain opposite the castle entrance to give the area the rural atmosphere of Vita and Harold time. 3. to design a picnic area 4. to design a vegetable garden according to aesthetic standards without affecting the production required by the restaurant of the property 5. to design a romantic orchard near the vegetable garden 6. to improve the circulation through the property and the connection to and from adjacent areas

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