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Jardin de Métis, Festival 2020 – In collaboration with Architect Andrea Russo

The concept of the human race doesn’t have any scientific basis and it has prevented us from understanding the beauty and richness of human diversity for centuries.

Human history is a mixture of cultures that migrate, change and hybridize. Everyone of us is therefore a unique product of DNA recombination in a continuous unstoppable evolution, a mestizo.

We have designed a garden with a globe in the centre, to symbolize the Earth, and two human shapes to represent humankind.

The globe is made up of tiles with different names on, written in different languages and representing populations on Earth. The human silhouettes are intended to be the privileged point of view of the “Earth”. Some tiles are empty to show that still unknown hybridization will be born.

Only looking through the stylized silhouettes, the marvellous diversity of humanity, that eachone of us carries within ourselves, can be perceived; from any other position, the visitor cannot read names on tiles and the globe / humanity loses its meaning, becoming a world of anonymous and insignificant empty squares.

  • Pennisetum orientale, north Africa, drought resistant, self-seed
  • Perovskia abrotanoides, central Asia, drought resistant, self-seed
  • Liatris pycnostachya, central USA, drought resistant, self-seed
  • Allium sphaerocephalon, Europe, drought resistant, self-seed
  • Brachyscome iberidifolia, Australia, drought resistant, self-seed